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3 Packs Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Powered by Battery,Portable Smoke Detector Carbon Monoxide Detector Combo with Large LCD Display, Fire Alarm Smoke Detector for Home,Kitchen

About this item 【Dual Sensors Protection】Smoke and carbon monoxide detector adpots photoelectric sensor and electrochemical CO sensor design. 2-in-1 sensitive alarm on this smoke detector carbon monoxide detector combo, providing a safer area for anyone. 【Alarm and LED Indication】 Smoke and carbon monoxide detector has a real-time smoke and CO concentration on LCD display, once smoke or CO reaches its dangerous level, sensitive carbon monoxide alarm will give out both sound alert and red LED flash alarm, sound will be louder than 85 decibels. 【Low Battery Warning】 A smoke and carbon monoxide detector is powered by 3 batteries, smoke alarm will chirp once every 30s to remind user of replacing a new battery. Make sure that this carbon monoxide detector always keeps its working status in daily life, 【Easy to Install】The installation of fire alarm smoke detector is easy and wireless, it is easy to mount on any wall or ceiling, suitable for bedroom, kitchen, living room, basement, hotel, office, etc. Test button is for battery and alarm operation verification. 【Caution and Hints】 Smoke detector carbon monoxide detector combo adopts unique design. Do not use detergents or other solvents to clean the unit. Do not paint the unit. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us. › See more product details

AEGISLINK Interlinked Smoke Carbon Monoxide Detector Combo, Smoke and CO Detector Battery Powered, Wireless Interconnected Smoke and CO Alarm, Digital Display

About this item RF Interlinked: These alarms use wireless radio frequency technology to both transmit and receive messages regarding hazards in the home so that when one alarm sounds, they all do, informing everyone of the emergency 2-in-1 Protection: This combination alarm is equipped with dual sensors to detect both smoke and CO dangers in a single unit, providing instant warning through its loud 85 dB sound 10-Year Sensor Life: The durable and long-lasting design ensures 10 years of stable, reliable performance for complete peace of mind, keeping your home and family safe for a decade Complete Home Coverage: Up to 24 AEGISLINK RF wireless alarms (S-RF200/S-RF220/SC-RF200/SC-RF220) can be interlinked to fully protect your home, even across multiple stories One-Button Control: Simply press the test/silence button on one of the alarms to test or silence the entire interlinked system Informative LCD: A blue backlit LCD allows you to see any dramatic changes in CO levels, battery levels, and unit working status, providing you with an early warning of potential problems › See more product details

AEGISLINK Wi-Fi Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector with LCD Display & Replaceable Battery, Compatible with TuyaSmart & Smart Life App, SC-WF240

About this item Easily turn off unwanted alarms with the TuyaSmart or Smart Life app; no need to try and reach the silence button with a broomstick or by climbing up a ladder This smart smoke and carbon monoxide alarm continuously checks its sensors, battery status and Wi-Fi connection, sending you real-time push alerts if a problem occurs or a threat is detected, allowing you to act on time to keep your property and home safe, 24/7 Equipped with a photoelectric smoke sensor and an electrochemical CO sensor, this combination alarm provides reliable protection against both smoke and CO; its advanced photoelectric technology allows it to detect smoke more accurately than previous generations of sensors The alarm is built with a replaceable lithium battery; a low-battery warning tells you when to replace the battery for continued safety The 3-color LED indicator clearly informs you of the device’s operating status: green indicates normal operation, red indicates an alarm condition, and yellow indicates a malfunction or low battery › See more product details

Aeotec SmartThings SmartThings Water Leak Sensor, ZigBee, Battery Powered, Smart Home Hub Compatible

About this item LEAK AND FLOOD PROTECTION:Place the Aeotec SmartThings Water Leak Sensor under sinks, refrigerators, washing machines, and more to detect excess water or moisture and receive immediate alerts on your phone by connecting to the Aeotec Smart Home Hub and using the SmartThings app TEMPERATURE MONITORING: The sensor also monitors temperature, requiring a 32- to 104-degree operating temperature; You can choose from light-up or siren alerts when abnormal moisture or temperatures are detected in sensitive areas SHUT DOWN SYSTEMS: You can program your other connected smart devices to shut off water flow or shut down electronics automatically to prevent electrocution and damage to your home from water leaks and irregular temperatures OPERATING REQUIREMENTS: Requires smart home hub. Perfect With SmartThings App and Aeotec Smart Things Hub or other SmartThings hub such as Samsung SmartThings Hub Gen 3. Also works with other compatible Zigbee hubs. OPERATING ENVIRONMENT: Comes with Aeotec 1-year limited warranty; ZigBee Wireless range is 50-130 feet, depending on your home’s construction; Intended for indoor use only. Package includes battery, quick-start guide, safety guide.

AGEISLINK Wi-Fi Smoke Detector, Wireless Smart Fire Smoke Alarm with App Control, Replaceable Lithium Battery, Auto Self-Check Function, S-WF240, 3-Pack

About this item Remote Controlled with Your Smartphone: Connect this Wi-Fi smoke detector to the TuyaSmart or Smart Life app on your phone via Bluetooth and remotely control the device even while you are away Real-Time Push Notifications: Receive real-time alerts when the device detects danger or any malfunction so you can take action quickly, helping keep your property and home safe 24/7 Self-Check Function and Photoelectric Sensor: An automatic self-test checks the sensor, electronics, and battery every 60 seconds to ensure proper operation; advanced photoelectric technology allows it to accurately detect smoldering fires in seconds, alerting you instantly Wide Detection Coverage & Loud Sound: A single device has an effective detection area of 215–430 ft² (20–40 m²), providing the maximum protection for each room in your house; its 85 dB buzzer is loud enough to warn everyone in the room Mute via the App: Just tap a button in the app to mute any unwanted alarms; no more climbing a ladder with a broom just to push the silence button › See more product details

Airthings 2950 Wave Radon – Smart Radon Detector with Humidity & Temperature Sensor – Easy-to-Use – Accurate – No Lab Fees – Battery Operated – Free App

RADON DETECTOR: Radon is the number one cause of lung cancer among non-smokers and kills more than 6x the number of people than home fires and carbon monoxide poisoning combined CONTINUOUS MONITORING: Radon gas fluctuates daily and is highly dependent on many factors such as weather conditions. Long-term monitoring is crucial to take control, understand long-term exposure and minimize potential health effects EASY TO USE: Simply wave in front of the monitor to get a color-coded visual indication of the air quality (Green, Yellow, Red) or connect to the App to get detailed results NO LAB FEES: Get both long and short term radon results straight to your smartphone via Bluetooth and easily generate a radon report through the Airthings Dashboard FOR EVERY HOME: A battery-powered, smart radon detector which monitors radon gas all year round as well as humidity and temperature CONNECTED: Airthings Wave 2nd Generation has Smartlink functionality, meaning it can connect to the Airthings Hub to bring your data online 24/7

Airthings 2989 View Radon – Radon Monitor with Humidity & Temperature Detector – Battery Powered Mobile APP, WiFi, Alerts & Notifications

About this item NEW RADON SENSOR TECHNOLOGY: Our most accurate, robust and sustainably-designed radon sensor, also measuring humidity and temperature CUSTOMIZABLE DISPLAY: Set your Calm Tech Display view preferences or wave hand in front to trigger sensor levels, with simple color coding EASY TO USE: View data anytime, anywhere, with the free Airthings App (iOS/Android) and online dashboard with graphs, notifications and insights; wireless and WiFi connected device with up to 3 year battery lifetime WIRELESS READY: Connects to your WiFi, or plug in with the USB cable and the View Radon becomes a hub, bringing other Airthings devices online CONTINUOUS MONITORING: Detect radon early, minimize spread and manage your levels to keep your family safe WHAT YOU GET: Airthings View Radon, 6 AA batteries, Quick Start Guide, Airthings Support and optional and free 5-year extended warranty to increase your standard product warranty

Airthings 4200 House Kit, Radon, Mold Risk & Indoor Air Quality Monitoring System, Multi-Room

IN THE BOX: Airthings Wave, Wave Mini and the Hub RADON: The Airthings Wave is the first smart radon detector with long and short term values for continuous monitoring AIR QUALITY: Humidity, Temperature & Total VOCs (toxins & chemicals) are powerful air quality sensors for multi room coverage of your indoor air 24/7 ACCESS: With the Airthings Hub, you can access to your air quality data at any time, from anywhere SMART HOME: With the Hub, you get 24/7 access to your Airthings data. Use IFTTT to receive alerts and set up your ventilation, humidifier, air purifier, etc. to turn on/off even when you aren’t home

Amazon Smart Thermostat – Save money and energy – Works with Alexa and Ring – C-wire required

Smart upgrade - Amazon Smart Thermostat is an easy way to switch from a traditional thermostat and help reduce energy usage. Save money - After purchase, Amazon will send you an email with details about rebates that may be available from energy providers in your area. Explore rebates above. Save energy - According to EPA estimates, ENERGY STAR certified thermostats save an average of $50 on yearly energy bills. Automatic comfort - Alexa can do the programming for you, updating the temperature to keep you comfortable. On-the-go control - Let Alexa set the temperature, or set it yourself from anywhere with the Alexa app. You can do it - The Alexa app will guide you through the installation process, but customer service is always available. Reliable - Made with Honeywell Home Thermostat Technology and backed by 130 years of experience.

Besimlive Water Leak Detectors for Home, WiFi Smart Sensor Water Alarm Leak Detector SMS & APP Real-time Notification, Remote APP Control 100dB Adjustable Alarm, w/Alexa Google Assistant for Basement

About this item 【Smart Water Leak Detector Kit】Leak detectors can be placed anywhere there is a potential risk of water leakage, such as basement flooding, washing machine leaks, hot water tanks, storage tanks, kitchen, sinks, fish tanks, and more. Real-time monitoring to protect your home from water damage. 【Easy to Use】Download the app, connect your device to the app over a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network (not compatible with 5 GHz), and start protecting your home. It will connect automatically in the future, no need to repeat. You can share the device with your family members so they can also check the device status anytime, anywhere. 【Real-Time Notification and Control】When a water leak is detected, an APP alert notification and SMS will be sent to your phone, so you can receive alert messages quickly even when you are not at home. You can view the location of the leak on the app. and remotely turn off the receiver's alarm. 【0-110dB Ddjustable Alarm】Five-speed volume adjust, 32 ringtones to select. Once triggered, the leak sensor and Recevier will sound an alarm of up to 110dB, blue light flashing, loud enough for everyone to hear. You can turn off the alarm in the app or at the button on the receiver. If WiFi is temporarily unavailable, Only the detector sounds an alarm. 【Low Battery Notification & Protection】You can receive a low battery notification when the detector's battery level falls below 20%, maintain real time monitoring. When no one turns off the alarm, the detector will continue to alarm for 180s, and then sound once every 30s. Avoid wasting your power. 【Sensitive Water Leak Detection】The water leak detector is equipped with 2 top sensor probes and 2 bottom sensor probes to detect water leaks and floods. It can detect a minimum water level of 2mm. Use the App to name each sensor with its location. 【IP65 Waterproof】An IP65 waterproof rating allows for extended use in humid areas such as near common household water sources like a dishwasher, hot water heater, or washing machine. This leak detector is small and compact, easier to place in small corners. › See more product details

Camera Detector C10 Pro – Professional Bug RF Detector Hidden Camera Finder Anti Spy Sweeper GPS Tracker Listening Device Cell Phone Scanner Indoor Outdoor for Home Office Car Travel Hotel Airbnb

About this item 【What makes C10 Pro better than similar ones?】 C10 Pro, equipped with the most cutting-edge AI chip and high-accuracy telescoping antenna, is a professional hidden device detector which can detect any RF transmitters in as wide as 1 MHz to 10 GHz frequency range and it can find transmitting and non-transmitting cameras, on or off, wired or wireless, dead or alive. 1 Camera Finder, 2 Levels of Sensitivity, 3 Detection Modes – Visual, Vibration and Mixed, 9 Levels of Signal Strength Meter. 【Protect privacy for you and your beloved ones】 This bug detector offers a simple, portable, and discreet method of identifying and eliminating unwanted surveillance threats. Easily detect all types of RF transmitters including: bugs; body wires / GPS trackers / bumper beepers / eavesdropping transmitters etc., and quickly identify both wired and wireless hidden cameras, pinhole cameras and more. Effectively prevent your privacy leaks. 【Use it Everywhere】 With this anti spy detector C10 Pro, you can easily and discreetly detect unwanted surveillance in your space like home, office, car and travel etc. It offers super-fast scanning capabilities to quickly sweep Airbnb, vacation rentals and hotels etc., or scan public restrooms, board rooms, office space, dressing rooms, fitting rooms, bathroom, bedroom, gym / locker rooms, apartments etc. Help you trust the surrounding environment. 【Take it Anywhere】 The compact, easy-to-use, lightweight, and rechargeable battery-operated design makes it possible to bring the C10 Pro with you everywhere you go. 4 segments 8 colored light array makes you able to identify signal types and strengths at a glance. Covert vibration mode also allows you to search for bugs without being noticeable to others. 【Great Gift & Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty】 This C10 Pro is the best gift for your family and friends. Small to take anywhere and simple to use anywhere! Keep private life private for your beloved ones! Simply reach us for soon response if you have any questions. We offer 30 days money back, 180 days free replacement and lifetime manufacturer warranty. Buy with total confidence!

Centralite by Ezlo Temperature and Humidity Sensor – Monitors Room Climate – Detects High Humidity, Low Temps, Prevents Pipe Burst due to Freezing

TEMPERTURE AND HUMIDITY SENSOR — By detecting changes in in-home temperature and humidity, the Centralite Temperature and Humidity Sensor can add a whole range of climate control features to your connected home. By reporting these changes in climate, your HVAC system can respond to your comfort level and help reduce wasted energy. SAVE ENERGY AND MONEY — By adding advanced climate control features, the Centralite Zigbee Temperature and Humidity Sensor can help reduce energy costs, your home or office will require less electricity to power everything. As a result, your monthly energy costs are reduced. By giving your connected home more insight into how its rooms are being heated and cooled, your HVAC system can work smarter, not harder. LONG BATTERY LIFE — The Centralite Temperature and Humidity Sensor now comes with longer battery life and extended range. A better signal implies timely and reliable information, which allows you to respond more quickly in the event of temperature sensitive alarm. The battery has a two-year lifespan and can be easily replaced. COMPATIBILITY AND RANGE — The Centralite Temperature and Humidity Sensor works with SmartThings, Hubitat, Ezlo, Vera, and all ZigBee platforms that support the indoor temperature and humidity monitoring functions. In addition, the operating temperature range is 0 to 40°C. Temperature range for shipping and storage: -20 to 50°C. The humidity range is 0 to 90% R.H. WARRANTY — With the purchase of any Centralite by Ezlo product, we offer the Ezlo Smart Home for Life Guarantee, including, anywhere access for your system, guaranteed compatibility, the industry’s longest warranty, always up-to-date cloud infrastructure and Real people here to help. › See more product details